2023 Royal Base MAC Road Warrior

Flatbed Trailer
Location Icon Davis, OK

This 53′ Royal Base MAC Road Warrior is spec’d to go to work, and offers a list of limited options that meets and exceeds the common hauling requirements of the flatbed operator.  52K main beam with a standard coil package. Hendrickson AANT230 w/ 250 airbags HXL-5, black soft coat painted Hangers, 122” spread w/ Ball Valve Controlled Full Suspension Dump. (4) Steel Inner & (4) polished aluminum outer, 16-ply tires based on manufacturer availability at the time of production, manual dump valve, jumbo 12″ aluminum air tanks.  Standard w/ J-Hook T.D. track outside with double spools with pockets. J-hooks are sold separately.

*Option for tire inflation

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