2022 MAC 53′ M-52 Base

Flatbed Trailer
Location Icon Davis, OK

2022 MAC 53′ x 102′ M-52 base flatbed. This trailer is an entry level flatbed one step above the Road Warrior. 52k beam, 2 nailers on the outside, coil package with 6 stubs, full width bumper,11 large nights along the back, 1 pair of mid-turns 23k Hendrickson INTRAAX suspension with 250 bags, Jost landing gear, aluminum air tanks, additional flaps on all axles, Alcoa outside buffed wheels, 16 ply Cooper Roadmaster tires, 12 winches included.

Royal Truck and Trailer has options for customers to defer their first payment for 60-90 days pending credit approval. Call for more details.