2022 MAC 6-Axle

Flatbed Trailer
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Location Icon Salem, OH

MAC 80k Extreme Duty Beam. 48′ x 102′ all aluminum flatbed with coil well and full stainless rear end with 4/3/4 light package. Hendrickson suspension model INTRAAX AAL-30K with HXL-5 and galvanized hangers. Axle configuration for lift axles is 1,2,6 with super singles on lifts, and down axles with dual tires, all wheels are aluminum. Additional features include extra marker lights and boxed in mid-turns, aluminum air tanks with pull cord drain valves and Jost AX-150 aluminum landing gear.

Accessories include: 15 pairs of combo J-hooks and 12 galvanized standard double L sliding winches. 

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