2023 55 Ton Talbert Roller Paver

Lowboy Trailer
Location Icon Dearborn, MI

This 55 Ton Talbert Roller Paver trailer with bucket well, ramps, and batter backup is ready to work. Ratchet gooseneck design, 50″ loaded 5th wheel height, 108″ swing radius, removable kingpin stations for 108″ and 84″ swing radius, the support cylinder is hydraulically operated, hydraulic couplings at 3/4″ fixed at front of gooseneck. Additional gooseneck specs include a formed aluminum diamond plate light bar mounted in a gooseneck base with 4 LED stop/tail/turn and 2 clear LED work lights wired to marker light circuit with on/off switch, chain bar in gooseneck base, full penetration weld on gooseneck gusset, and base pivot tube reinforcement. Aluminum cover plate, 24’ -6″ (24′-0″ clear) deck length, 8’-6” wide, 6” loaded road clearance, and 22″ loaded deck height with 1-1/2” Apitong flooring with deck screws and first deck section open for expanded metal.  Additional deck specs include 20″ cross member spacings, auxiliary cross members outboard main beams on 24′-6″ flat deck, recessed bucket well in deck, and rear bridge ramp area with 1/4″ plate. Starts on 3rd cross member ahead of bridge ramp (approximately 45″ ahead of bridge ramp). Smooth plate with NO traction bars. slope front of deck top down.  25,000 lb axle weight (GAWR =24,700#) with 52′ spacing, Ridewell air suspension, and 22 lash rings.