2023 MAC Road Warrior Plus 53

Flatbed Trailer
Location Icon Davis, OK

This 53′ Plus MAC Road Warrior offers features that meet and exceed the common hauling requirements of the flatbed operator.  60K main beam with a standard coil package. Hendrickson INTRAXX AAT-25K TP,  black soft coat painted Hangers, galvanized 5th wheel plate, 122” spread w/ Ball Valve Controlled Full Suspension Dump with jumbo 12″ aluminum air tanks. All aluminum HP 22.2 x 8.25 All-polished (XP) wheels, 16-ply tires based on manufacturer availability at the time of production. There are 12 standard double L sliding winches. Standard w/ J-Hook T.D. track outside with double spools with pockets. J-hooks are sold separately.

*Option for tire inflation

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