2024 MAC Custom Asphalt Tank


2024 MAC 8-axle custom all aluminum 50′ asphalt trailer is available now!  (1) 15,5000 capacity one compartment, 3 aluminum baffles with large center hole/drain equally spaced. Aluminum heads, (1) 19″ manway located in the center of the trailer, 5″ compressed to 4″ fiberglass insulation, jacketing comprised of aluminum .063″ heads, and .040 side sheets with three black center sheets, 5″ wide aluminum channel reinforcing rings fully welded to shield, aluminum heavy duty crossmembers at load bearing areas, 25k Hendrickson Intraxx suspension with 4 lifts w/free wheel valves, 2 in front and 2 in rear, down axles are 30k suspension, Hendrickson MAXX22T disc brakes and Wabco brake chambers, polished DuraBrite finished wheels, 445 Yokohama tires with Tiremaxx tire inflation.

Call (313) 524-2530 for pricing!