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MAC Trailer has delivered innovative transportation products that benefit an incredible range of industries. From flatbeds to dump trailers and even more versatile trailers, you can find the ideal transportation solution. If you want to know more about these diverse trailer options and find the best deal, you’re in the right place.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we offer a wide range of parts and equipment, including top-rated MAC Trailer products that boast impressive safety, reliability, and innovation. We proudly hold the status of MAC Trailer dealership because of the brand’s highly regarded, 30-year-long reputation.

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About MAC Trailer

As a longstanding industry leader in trailer manufacturing, MAC Trailer offers a superior commitment to customer satisfaction.

The highly reputable brand also offers multiple types of trailers to fit a variety of transportation needs, including:

Regardless of the trailer or part you need, choosing a MAC Trailer means you can be confident that you’ll receive a high-quality product from a reputable manufacturer with decades of experience.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we only want to give our customers the best, which is why we are proud to be a local MAC Trailer dealer.


The MAC Fuel Tank

When it comes to quality and practicality, the MAC fuel tank does it all. The MAC LTT 406 (6) axle’s fuel tank boasts an all-aluminum straight bottom elliptical design. It also comes with double bulkheads and five compartments.

This, combined with its 13,400-gallon capacity and polished finish, makes the MAC fuel tank ideal for transporting large quantities of liquid fuel.

If you’re unsure what fuel tank is best for your transportation needs, contact us at Royal Truck & Utility Trailer to explore your options and find your perfect fit.

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The MAC Half Round Quad

The MAC Steel Half-Round Quad-Axle Dump comes with numerous features, like Hardox AR450 steel, a solid top rail, aluminum full-length rear skits, jost landing gear, and more. Plus, the trailer’s quad-axle design gives it a stability and capacity boost, which helps increase its overall efficiency on the road.

As a bonus, the MAC Half Round Quad also has multiple color options, aluminum outer wheels, and a 1/4-inch floor. Have questions about the MAC Steel Half-Round Quad-Axle Dump? Our experts are happy to help you learn more about the many benefits of this top-rated MAC trailer and customize a model that meets your needs.

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The MAC Combo Flatbed Trailer

The highly versatile MAC Tandem Axle Combo Flatbed comes complete with 53 x 102 cross members on 16-inch centers, three outriggers, Hendrickson 23k suspension with HXL-5 and CA legal rear slider, and a winch track with ten winches. It also has three large and three small light panels. The MAC Combo Flatbed Trailer can accommodate a wide variety of cargo, giving you greater transportation options and potential.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we want you to find a trailer that best fits your transportation needs.

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The MAC Road Warrior

The MAC Road Warrior is a trailer that can satisfy your flatbed operator hauling requirements. It comes complete with a 52K main beam with a standard coil package, galvanized fifth wheel plate, black soft coat painted hangers, and 122-inch spread with ball valve control full suspension dump with jumbo foot-long aluminum air tanks.

In addition to all these features, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to use the Mac Road Warrior for whatever you need and as long as you need it. Think the Mac Road Warrior is the perfect trailer to add to your transportation operations? We’ll give you a free price quote and show you how the MAC Road Warrior can boost your transportation efforts.

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Royal Trucks & Utility Trailer | Michigan MAC Trailer Dealership

MAC Trailer is a leader in transportation trailers, and at Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we aim to be the go-to MAC Trailer dealership in Michigan. We believe you deserve the most reliable and innovative products, which is why we proudly offer MAC trailers.

Contact us today by calling (313) 846-4000 to explore your MAC Trailer options at Royal Truck & Utility Trailer.

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