Reefervan Van Insulation and Kits

Reefervan insulation kits are made with 3” of high-grade EPS / Polyiso foam panel insulation which is machine pressed under high pressure to a smooth impact-resistant FRP plastic “woven fiber” material, forming a durable composite panel for increased strength and durability.

Extremely lightweight, all walls, floor, bulkhead, and roof are 100% insulated and totally seamless.

NO SPRAY FOAM OR HEAVY WOOD is used in the panel construction. Machine routing ensures a perfect fit to the van. Insulated panels are thermally balanced to the highest standards.

Reefervan Insulation provides excellent cooling performance in high ambient temperatures of 100°F (38°C). Reefervan guarantees this performance when paired with our OEM Reefer product range.

Features & Benefits

Heavy Duty Insulation 3” Thickness
• High thermal efficiency performance
• Fast pull-down of temperature
• LowerLight Weight Insulation Panels

Lightweight, more cargo payload
• No wood framing or spray foam used
• Single piece modular panel construction
• Food grade ultra-smooth, no wall seams reefer operating cost

Durable Design Features
• Load guard on walls, doors & wheel boxes
• Floor guard for forklift protection
• Durable resin flooring, long-lasting, less wear
• Withstands heavy impacts & abrasion

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