Advantages of Polished Wheels

There are several reasons why a truck fleet owner should pay careful attention to the condition of his truck’s wheels. For one, a set of well-maintained and polished aluminum wheels prevents long-term damage to the wheels, and reduces the risk of road accidents. A good set of wheels also increases the resale value of the truck. Most importantly, maintaining the set of wheels on the truck results in huge savings in terms of maintenance budgets.

There is something immensely rewarding about a set of gleaming, mirror-like aluminum wheels and with systems like VIS-Shine and VIS-Polish, every truck owner can now take pride in his fleet of trucks and their polished aluminum wheels.

Benefits of Professional Wheel Polishing

  • Clean rims allow for proper inspection for potential damage
  • Easier, more thorough pre-trip safety inspections
  • Shorter and less frequent DOT interacitons
  • Improved customer and company perception
  • Increased wheel life reduces costs
  • Attract and retain drivers

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