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Talbert trailers have a reputation for being incredibly durable and versatile. Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. has produced world-class trailers since 1938, making it one of the most reputable and long-standing trailer manufacturers around.

When you’re ready to invest in one of these durable, reliable trailers, come on down to Royal Truck & Utility Trailer to view our Talbert trailer inventory.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we are a proud Talbert trailer dealership because we strive to give our customers the most reliable and innovative products possible. Talbert products provide you with what you need to get a job done, which makes them a trusted name for specialized and heavy-capacity transportation needs.


About Talbert Trailers

Talbert has been an industry leader for decades, producing transportation solutions for the commercial, military, aerospace, government, and energy industries. As a trusted manufacturer, Talbert delivers trailer products that boost transportation efficiency and stand up to wear and tear on the road. Some of the more popular Talbert trailers include:

However, Talbert’s diverse product line isn’t the only factor contributing to its long-standing reputation. Customers trust Talbert for its incredibly durable products that deliver unmatched innovation, benefiting virtually any business that needs reliable transportation.


The Talbert Flip Axle

The Talbert Removable Flip Axle comes with everything you need to connect it with your current 55CC/55SA Talbert Trailer:

  • 25,000-pound axle capacity
  • Air-actuated brakes
  • Two lash rings
  • Choice of red or black paint
  • Ridewell air suspension

The impressive versatility and capacity of the Talbert Flip Axle makes it a highly sought-after multi-functional axle. At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we can help you pick the right trailer and explore all the benefits and uses of this innovative Talbert product.

The Talbert Double Drop

The Talbert Double Drop is an equipment trailer boasting a solid 25,000-pound axle capacity. It also features a mechanical gooseneck, two-inch Apitong flooring, a 31-foot deck length, outriggers, ride well air suspension, and aluminum Dura-Brite outer rims. Like other Talbert products, you can also get this in red or black.

The double-drop design, complete with heavy-duty rub rails and pipe spools on either side, makes it ideal for aiding in transporting tall or oversized loads. If you’re ready to purchase a Talbert Double Drop or want to know more about this versatile trailer, our Royal Truck & Utility Trailer experts can help.

The Talbert Roller Paver

The features of the 55-ton Talbert Roller Paver trailer are many, from the ratchet gooseneck design with 108-degree swing radius to the 50-inch loaded fifth wheel to the base pivot tube reinforcement. It also comes with a bucket well, ramps, a rear bridge ramp with a 1/4-inch plate, and battery backup.

A Talbert Roller Paver trailer is ideal if you’re planning any road paving and construction projects, as it can boost efficiency and simplify the entire process.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we want to make sure that every purchase you make with us leaves you completely satisfied. Whether you have questions about the Talbert Roller Paver or need support after making a final decision, we’ll provide the assistance you need to be confident in your purchase.

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Customer Support and Satisfaction

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we don’t want to just sell you a trailer and leave it be. We also want you to be able to reach us easily, so our team is always available to answer your questions and address any concerns you have.

You can fill out our convenient online contact form or reach us immediately by calling (313) 846-4000. We can give you an accurate quote for any of our heavy-duty trailers and expedite online trailer part orders.

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Talbert Manufacturing, Inc. is a world leader in trailer manufacturing for good reasons. With decades of industry experience, innovative products, and dedication to customer service, Talbert makes it easier for you to find the safe and reliable trailer you need to facilitate high-capacity cargo transportation.

Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is a proud Talbert trailer dealership with a shared commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. View our inventory to learn more about Talbert trailers or contact us at (313) 846-4000.

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