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Michigan's Premier Wilson Trailer Dealership

Michigan businesses and manufacturers rely on heavy-duty trailers to transport cargo around the region. Wilson Trailer’s great standard makes their trailers a trusted favorite among many throughout Michigan.

As an automotive hub, Michigan car makers benefit from Wilson’s flatbed trailers to haul various car parts and pieces. Local farms and ranches also count on Wilson’s gooseneck, grain, and livestock trailers to deliver animals and produce. No matter what you need a trailer for, the team at Royal Truck & Utility Trailer can supply you with the right one.

Spotlight on Wilson Trailer - A Trusted Brand

What makes Wilson Trailer such a reliable manufacturer? Not only is it a family-owned business, but the company has been around since 1890. Countless distributors, ranchers, and more have stood by these products for over a century, and the trailers continue evolving.

Wilson Trailer leads the way in innovative features that improve the industry, including:

  • Combination of steel and aluminum flatbeds
  • Counterbalance ramps
  • Drop-center livestock trailers

Today, the company remains a consistent leader in the industry and continues to incorporate helpful features that make hauling goods much easier. Modern features like the quick tie plate system, strong aluminum floor, patented SlamCatch™, and level static deck configurations make Wilson Trailers secure and reliable.

Our Offering - Diverse Wilson Trailer Inventory in Michigan

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we guarantee you’ll find a Wilson trailer that fits your needs. Our inventory is constantly changing, but customers have no issues finding a trailer that checks off every box. Some of the Wilson-brand trailers that you’ll find through our dealership include popular models like:

  • Pacesetter Grain Trailer: Features design details like a roller trap opener and side vent ports that help extend the life of the side wall.
  • Silverstar Livestock Trailer: Designed to create additional capacity for livestock with its multi-level hauling. There’s a reason Wilson Trailer is THE LIVESTOCK BRAND!™
  • Foreman Gooseneck Livestock Trailer: Available in both punch and slat styles across the gates and an aluminum subframe to support the axles.
  • Roadbrute Flatbed Trailer: Includes a patented side rail design to make the structure more secure.

You can find the answer in our inventory regardless of your transportation needs.

The Royal Truck & Utility Trailer Advantage

Now that you know what makes these trailers so impressive, it’s time to find the right dealership to find your ideal Wilson trailer. Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is Michigan’s top-rated trailer dealership that you can count on. Every customer who finds a trailer through us will receive exceptional service from our friendly, professional staff.

Sales associates will answer any question you have and make sure you feel comfortable with your purchase. After finding a trailer through our dealership, you can bring it back to us at any time for service, including routine maintenance and repairs. We have a team of technicians and 50 full-service bays throughout Michigan where your trailer can receive electrical work, suspension repairs, custom work, and more.

Your Journey with Wilson Trailer Begins at Royal Truck & Utility Trailer

When it comes to reliable towing transportation, you can’t go wrong with a Wilson Trailer. The manufacturer is one of the best in the industry and is responsible for transporting countless items throughout Michigan and the country. Wilson Trailers will meet your every need and make the job much easier.

Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is your go-to source for this trusted trailer brand. Explore our inventory of Wilson Trailer online or contact one of our six locations throughout Michigan. You can also submit your contact information, and one of our representatives will reach out to you.

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Contact One of Our Wilson Trailer Dealerships in Michigan

Are you ready to explore the widest selection of the Wilson Trailer inventory in Michigan? Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is here to help you obtain the perfect trailer for your needs. When you type “Royal Truck & Utility Trailer location” into a web search, you’ll find we have six convenient locations throughout the state.

Reach out to a location nearest you to learn more about our inventory and speak with a specialist. Below is the phone number for each of our locations:

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