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Do you want access to the highest quality and largest variety of trailers for your forestry business? From log trailers to lowboys and floats, for nearly 40 years, Pitts Trailers has been synonymous with quality. That’s where Royal Truck & Utility Trailer comes in. As Michigan’s premier Pitts Trailers dealership, we maintain an extensive inventory, so you only need to make one stop for all your needs.

Over the last five decades, we’ve proven our commitment to selling quality trailers. From new and pre-owned sales to parts and repair, Royal Truck & Utility Trailer does it all.

About Pitts Trailers

What makes Pitts Trailers the leader in forestry transportation solutions? Pitts’s trusted name relies on the following factors:

  • Innovation: Pitts Trailers invests heavily in cutting-edge engineering and technology to provide versatile solutions for heavier and longer hauls. Even though forestry is centuries old, it’s a constantly evolving industry. Pitts Trailers ensures their products lead the charge.
  • Performance: Engineered for greater capacity, longer hauls, and fewer problems, you won’t find a trailer that performs better under the intense conditions of the forestry industry.
  • Value: You shouldn’t have to choose between quality and affordability. With Pitts Trailers, you get both. Though the brand crafts their trailers with the highest quality materials, their efficient manufacturing process allows them to remain competitively priced while providing a superior product.

We sell these trailers to our clients to make sure everyone gets a quality product.

Forestry Excellence - Pitts Log Loaders

One of our most popular trailers is the Pitts Log Loader. Providing superior durability, efficiency, and performance, investing in any of the three models increases your efficiency and profit margins. Pitts Log Loaders have the following features:

  • An extendable heavy-duty pull bar
  • A reinforced neck to reduce the twist effect
  • A rocking beam suspension derived from military technology
  • A bumper with a snag-free design and integrated steps

If you want to reduce the most common problems that come with loading many logs for transportation, check out our inventory today.

The Strength of Pitts Loader Trailers

Every professional knows the risks involved in loading a trailer full of heavy timber. Fortunately, the strength and innovative design of a Pit Loader Trailer increases safety for everyone involved, greatly reducing both minor and severe injuries.

With a modern heavy-duty pull bar and rocking beam suspension, you can haul up to 55,000 pounds without worrying about losing control or excessive shifting. The innovative bumper provides integrated steps and a snag-free loading zone to increase worker safety.

With unparalleled durability and safety, a Pitts Loader Trailer helps your timber and workers arrive at their destination without problems.

Heavy Haul Trailers - Pitts Lowboy RGN

As a Pitts Trailers dealership, Royal Truck & Utility Trailer knows your heavy equipment logistics is important to your business. That’s why we sell the highest quality Pitts Lowboy trailers, so you can safely transport your heaviest equipment without concern.

We sell four different models ranging in capacity from 35 to 55 tons, and they all boast a fabricated I-beam created from high tensile strength steel and a hydraulic removable gooseneck. No matter how long the haul or how adverse the conditions are, the Pitts Lowboy RGN can handle it all.

The Versatility of Pitts Lowboy FN and Tag-Alongs

Sometimes, a gooseneck trailer can’t meet your needs, which is why Pitts Trailers offers a variety of utility trailers, including Lowboy FN trailers and tag-alongs. With five different models of Lowboy FNs and four cutting-edge tag-along models, we’ll help you find the trailer to get the job done.

With deck heights ranging from 26 to 38 inches and an optional hydraulic ramp, you’ll experience easy loading and secure transport no matter what equipment you’re transporting. We know the wide variety of equipment you need for a successful forestry business, and we’ve ensured we sell trailers that can transport them all.

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Royal Truck & Utility Trailer - Your Trusted Michigan Pitts Trailers Dealer

When you’re looking for Michigan’s most trusted Pitts Trailers dealership, you want Royal Truck & Utility Trailer. As a full-service dealership, we’re dedicated to finding the perfect Pitts Trailers as the solution. With locations in Dearborn, Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Hudsonville, Warren, and Wixom, we service a large portion of Michigan.

Are you ready to see what the Royal Truck & Utility Trailer sales team can do for you? View out our inventory, or contact us at (313) 524-2529.

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