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Tailoring Your Trailer: Exploring Utility Dry Van Features and Options

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Customizing Your Utility Dry Van Features and Options

Your business doesn’t provide cookie-cutter solutions to customer needs, so why should you accept them for yours? When you work with Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, Michigan’s largest and most respected Utility dry van dealer, you don’t have to.

We’ll help you explore a wide range of Utility dry van features that allow you to fully customize your trailer to match your brand and support efficient and profitable operations. Experience the legendary Royal Truck & Utility Trailer service as you dive deep into the options that can take an exceptional trailer to the next level.

Exploring the Key Features of Utility Dry Vans

Utility dry vans come standard with essential features that put them in their own category. The result of years of engineering and rigorous testing, these features give the trailers unparalleled strength and durability and include:

  • Stainless Steel Rear Door Frame to resist corrosion and add extra forklift clearance. Aerodynamic Side Skirt to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Strong Lightweight Aluminum Exterior to evenly distribute wall stress.
  • 6 Post Front Wall for better impact resistance.
  • HKANT 40K Air Ride and Slider System for lower tare weight, load protection, and increased driver comfort.
  • Injected Polyurethane Foam Core Composite Wall for unmatched strength and durability without extra weight.
  • 80K Flush Steel Logistic Posts for a stronger exterior, maximum cargo space, and more options to secure cargo.
  • Snag-Free Interior Lining, with recessed rivets that won’t catch on cargo.

Benefits and Advantages of Custom Features of Utility Dry Vans

Utility dry van features already make them a staple in the shipping and logistics industry and an integral part of our economy. They provide unparalleled adaptability and versatility and remain one of the most convenient and affordable ways to transport cargo over long distances.

The custom features on Utility dry vans enhance their durability, efficiency, and convenience. For example, the 110.5 rear door height allows forklifts to move taller pallets into the trailer — and the optimized cargo space will enable you to transport more in less time. Features that add durability, like the steel logistics posts and corrosion resistance, cut maintenance expenses and downtime, so your loads keep moving toward their destinations.

Options for Personalization and Tailoring Utility Dry Vans

One reason Utility Trailer is a leading manufacturer of dry vans, and a staple of Royal Truck & Utility Trailer,  is the array of personalization options buyers can select to match their requirements. Shipping needs vary across industries, and the right trailer can make all the difference in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Depending on your business requirements and preferences, you can add Utility dry van features like:

  • Factory-installed decals
  • Double-deck solutions that allow you to use all the vertical cargo space in the trailer
  • A fiberglass-reinforced translucent roof for improved visibility inside the trailer
  • Side doors or a roll-up rear door
  • Factory-installed lift gates
  • Custom post depths to increase bulge resistance or cargo space
  • Additional safety features like side impact guards and stabilizing devices for loading and unloading

Utility Trailer Dealership: Royal Truck & Utility Trailer

Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is the Midwest’s most respected and trusted Utility Trailer dealer. The foundation of our award-winning, family-owned dealership is delivering the best customer experience, which starts with listening to your needs and concerns to identify the perfect solutions. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all sales approach and partner with every customer to provide a personalized experience.

When you work with Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, your priorities come first. From fuel efficiency and sustainability to versatility and reliability, we’ll help you choose from our inventory of Utility dry vans and add the custom features you need to check every box on your list.

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Design Your Ideal Utility Dry Van With Royal Truck & Utility Trailer

Dry van trailers like the Utility 4000D-X Composite trailer might be the most common trailers rolling down the highway, but they aren’t all the same.

Contact Royal Truck & Utility Trailer at (313) 524-2531 today to learn more about Utility dry van features and how to customize a trailer to meet your company’s needs. With the most extensive inventory of trailers and a vast network of service bays to manage repair and maintenance for your whole fleet, we’re standing by to help you design your ideal transportation solution.

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