Dec 26, 2023

The Transportation Impact of Dry Van Trailers — Industry Outlook

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The Role of Dry Van Trailers in Transportation

The freight industry shifts constantly, adapting to the needs of individuals, companies, and other entities needing access to quick, reliable transportation methods. One such logistics solution is the dry van — a roomy option that most people can instinctively operate. These well-known vehicles haul large quantities of cargo to their destinations.

Consumers steadily order more individual items online. Alternatively, they may purchase directly from a store. These shopping trends make durable, roomy dry van trailers more in demand than ever before. Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, a reputable dry van trailer dealer, delves into how these vehicles continue to transform the shipping industry.

Understanding the Functionality and Benefits

Dry van trailers are large, enclosed shipping boxes that connect to semi-trucks. They don’t haul large items like cars or heavy equipment, despite their size. Instead, shippers load them up with secure, packed pallets or loose goods. Three common types of equipment you might find on the interstate include:

  • Straight trucks: These chassis have bodies on them that vary in size, with the majority being 26 feet to haul cargo for in-town deliveries.
  • 28-foot vans: Trailers measuring 28 feet long typically transport cargo that requires less than a truckload.
  • 53-foot vans: These heavy-duty specimens assist in long transits with more cargo than the others.

Carriers love them because of their cost-effectiveness, weather resistance, and hauling versatility for various types of cargo. They securely transport different varieties of goods.

The Impact on Logistics and Shipping

How have such seemingly rudimentary modes of transport become such an essential staple in the logistics industry? Examine some of their pertinent influences:

  • Versatility: The van trailer’s utility spans industries, including medical, retail, manufacturing, and residential moving, and works well for both full loads and partial loads.
  • Adaptability: A van trailer can haul almost anything, from secured pallets and contained boxes to furniture and machinery.
  • Environmental friendliness: As consumers increasingly focus on retail’s environmental impacts, dry van trailers play a starring role in helping companies transport merchandise more sustainably.
  • Affordability: The trucking and heavy equipment market consistently changes. However, van trailers remain one of the most affordable options available.

Royal Truck & Utility Trailer: A Trusted Dry Van Trailer Dealer

When shopping for a dry van trailer for sale, examine our inventory first. Royal Truck & Utility Trailer won the National Trailer Dealers Association’s first-ever Trailblazer Award in 2023. How does a company win such a prestigious honor?

  • Excellent customer service: Our team values their customers. We genuinely listen to your needs and concerns before recommending equipment.
  • Commitment to its community: We care about the people and areas surrounding our business. Our leaders engage in philanthropic pursuits to help the surrounding communities thrive.
  • People over profits: We place employee well-being and customer satisfaction above our profits throughout our business interactions.

Royal Truck & Utility Trailer also works with Utility Trailer Manufacturing, a reputable producer of dry vans and accompanying trailers.

Factors To Consider When Looking for a Dry Van Trailer for Sale

Our team provided a few purchasing tips:

  • Tires: When you purchase a trailer, ensure it comes equipped with Tier 1 tires out of the gate.
  • Base rails: Heavy-duty hardware should connect the base rails to the trailer. Otherwise, the trailer could incur significant damage should someone sideswipe it.
  • Side panels: You need a damage-resistant model unless you transport exceptionally light and predictable cargo. We recommend galvanized steel sheets with a HDPE core.
  • Scuff liner: Most shippers use forklifts to load cargo. The forks could strike the liner, which damages the aluminum.

Carefully consider factors like each trailer’s load capacity, dimension, and additional features to see what meets your needs.

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Dry Van Trailer Dealer: Royal Truck & Utility Trailer

If you want a reliable shipping investment with incredible longevity, you’ll serve your transportation company well by adding a new dry van trailer to your fleet. They will evolve with your business needs and growing social consciousness. Dry van trailers offer:

  • Technological advances: Modern dry vans give you more control with evolving telematics solutions.
  • Sustainability: Many models use fuel-efficient designs that lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Versatile shipment capabilities: Don’t limit your business to one type of cargo for a specific industry.

Broaden your logistics horizons by exploring Royal Truck & Utility Trailer’s impressive inventory.

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