Oct 19, 2023

The Big Impact of Lowboy Trailers in Today’s Logistics

By Edwin Condori
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Revolutionizing Logistics - The Unseen Power of Lowboy Trailers

One of the most important contributors to the logistics industry is manufacturers and suppliers of lowboy trailers. These trailers are integral to hauling many items across numerous industries.

As a full-service lowboy trailer dealer, Royal Truck & Utility Trailer is one of the leading suppliers of lowboy trailers in the Midwest. With our inventory of high-quality trailers, accessories, and parts, plus our many service bays, we help the logistics industry continue to flow smoothly. We have much to offer, from new and pre-owned lowboy trailers to durable flatbeds.


What Is a Lowboy Trailer?

If you’re uncertain about what lowboy trailers are, you’re not alone. You might see people using them along highways or construction sites and not realize what they are.

A lowboy trailer is a flatbed trailer with a low platform. Its primary purpose is transporting bulky, tall, or heavy machinery and other items that a typical truck or trailer can’t carry.

For instance, they’re the perfect choice for hauling everything from construction equipment to farming machinery. These heavy-duty trailers usually have hold capacities of 35 to 55 ton on stock models and 60 to 100 ton on custom models.

Lowboy trailers feature many useful components that make them vital to the logistics industry, such as detachable goosenecks for easy loading and unloading and low platforms to accommodate tall items.


The Role of Lowboy Trailers in Logistics

Without these types of trailers, it will be almost impossible for certain materials and equipment to go from one place to another. Many industries rely on these trailers to serve their customers and vendors since they make hauling heavy-duty and unusually shaped items a breeze.

For instance, you might see a bulldozer on the road around a construction site, but it’s not street-legal. Construction companies can’t drive a bulldozer from one job site to another, but they can quickly transport the equipment on a lowboy trailer.

Not only is hauling heavy, bulky items easier with a lowboy. The trailers also make loading and unloading items manageable, reducing the risk of equipment damage and injuries.

Lowboy Trailers for Sale - Choosing the Right One

If you’re looking for lowboy trailers for sale, you’ll need to know how to pick the right one for your needs. At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we sell a wide range of new and pre-owned trailers in the Midwest from some of the industry’s top manufacturers.

We have everything from the 2024 Pitts LB55-18DC trailer to the 2023 Talbert Custom 60CC/55CC trailer.

So which option is best for you? Consider these factors when shopping for a lowboy trailer:

  • Material: High-strength steel is best for heavy loads over 50 tons.
  • Hauling Capacity: These trailers come in a minimal 35-ton capacity.

Spotlight on Pitts & Talbert Lowboy Trailers

Two of the top brands for lowboy trailers are Talbert and Pitts. Talbert has a decades-old reputation for manufacturing high-quality trailers for multiple industries, including commercial, aerospace, and government applications. Their products are incredibly durable and reliable and come in an assortment of capacities with fixed, mechanical, and/or hydraulic removable gooseneck designs, which is why they stay in high demand.

  • Talbert Spread Axle Lowboy Series
    • 55SA / 110,000 lb. capacity | 55SA-RC / 110,000 lb. capacity | 55SA-HX / 110,000 lb. capacity
    • With capacities up to 120,000 pounds, these trailers are custom-designed for your needs in drop deck
    • Raised center, beam deck, or flat deck versions to further enhance load-hauling capabilities
    • Can be designed with flip axles and spreader bars to meet state bridge laws
    • Nothing comes close to providing the lift and load height of our robust, four-cylinder hydraulic
    • Removable gooseneck
    • Premium, high-strength 100,000 PSI steel, four-beam deck design
    • I-beam construction allows concentrated load capacities rated at half the deck length

Pitts lowboy trailers are another top brand to consider for your lowboy purchase. They are one of the best producers of heavy-duty trailers featuring hydraulic detachable gooseneck, rear-loading fixed neck, and folding tail trailers.

Like Talbert, Pitts is a well-respected manufacturer of top-tier heavy-duty hauling trailers. Their skilled craftsmen and innovative designs are suitable for many industries thanks to their durability. Royal Truck & Utility Trailer gladly offers premium selections from both brands.

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Royal Truck & Utility Trailer - Your Trusted Lowboy Trailer Supplier

Finding the perfect lowboy trailers starts with Royal Truck & Utility Trailer. We proudly offer an impressive inventory of lowboy trailers, parts, and accessories for customers throughout Michigan and the Midwest. Our family-owned company also has over 50 service bays throughout the state, providing top-tier repair and maintenance services for all types of trailers.

At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, your satisfaction is our guarantee. We operate in the spirit of excellence in everything we do—contact us for more information about our products and services.

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