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Choosing the Perfect Pitts Lowboy Trailer for Your Hauling Needs


Meeting Your Hauling Needs With the Ideal Pitts Lowboy Trailer

Truck drivers nationwide haul thousands of pounds of goods across the country every day. With these long-distance journeys, having the necessary equipment to ensure your truck can haul this weight makes these trips possible.

Getting a Pitts Lowboy trailer for the back of your truck ensures that your freight and supplies remain accounted for and safe throughout a long journey. At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we offer diverse options for Pitts Lowboy trailers. Regardless of the size of your vehicle or weight capacity needs, we have trailer attachments for any level of freight.

Choosing a Pitts Lowboy trailer guarantees the safety and security of your cargo. At Royal Truck & Utility Trailer, we present a wide range of Pitts Lowboy options to cater to diverse needs. Rest assured that with Pitts trailers, your freight and supplies will be well-protected throughout transportation.

Understanding the Pitts Lowboy Trailer

The Pitts Lowboy trailer serves as the industry standard for truck freight and hauling. As the top trailer manufacturing experts, Pitts Lowboy offers accessible features to simplify hauling, onloading, and offloading.

The Pitts Lowboy’s hydraulic folding tail allows drivers to offload their goods with ease. Furthermore, the trailer company serves as the industry leader in providing logging trailer attachments for the forestry industry.

Understanding the different series and models available ensures you identify the best fit for your vehicle, industry, and hauling needs. Each trailer features a steel-shot-blasted, primed, painted with PPG automotive-grade acrylic urethane design for ultimate durability. Popular models with different weight and movement capabilities include the LB55-DC 18-inch trailer, LB55-DC 22-inch trailer, LB55-22GT 18-inch trailer, and LB55-22GT 22-inch trailer.

The LB55-DC Series

The LB55-DC series includes 18- and 22-inch load attachments for high-weight freight and hauling. The world-class features of this excellent trailer attachment include:

  • Weight capacities starting at 22,544 lbs
  • Up to 100,000 lbs of weight handling per 12’
  • Hydraulic removable gooseneck
  • Different options for deck height
  • LED lights at the base to increase freight and hauling visibility

Choosing between the LB55-DC 18-inch trailer and LB55-DC 22-inch trailer depends on the type of freight you plan on hauling. For any freight that includes off-hangs or longer pieces, you might need to opt for the higher trailer option. Nevertheless, both LB55-DC models provide excellent weight capacity and freight capabilities.

The LB55-22GT Series

The newest LB55-22GT Series offers a higher weight capacity and freight flexibility. Available in both the 18-inch and 22-inch trailer heights, the various customizations and capabilities of these trailers make them one of the top freight products available.

With both fixed-neck lowboys and hydraulic lift options, you can select the LB55-22GT model that optimizes your hauling and freight. New air locking systems and removable wheel wells offer increased protection from road debris. Furthermore, the redesigned bumper provides additional lighting to increase safety.

The trailer’s triple reinforced design offers greater traction for freight hauling and strength where the deck meets the trailer bogie. Haul up to 55 tons in any 12’ area of this trailer.

Choosing the Right Pitts Lowboy Trailer

While all the Pitts Lowboy trailer options provide high-level freighting and hauling capabilities, not every option suits every vehicle. Choosing the best trailer for your needs depends on your freight, load capacity, trailer size, industry, truck type, and price point.

For any trucks requiring lowboys with rear-loading fixed operation, consider the LB55-DC series. This model provides optimal fixed loading and unloading. Fixed attachments and the lowboys hydraulic folding tail make the LB55-22GT worth considering for your hauling needs.

It can feel overwhelming to sort through trailer options without knowing where to begin. That’s why experts from Royal Truck & Trailer provide guidance as you consider different trailer models. Call our professionals to learn which trailer would best suit your needs.

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Find Your Perfect Pitts Lowboy Trailer Today | Royal Truck & Utility Trailer

The Pitts Lowboy trailer provides the industry’s best truck attachment for hauling and freight. Various load and unload attachments, safety features, and trailer designs make Pitts Lowboy the best available.

Find the perfect fit for your truck fleet by consulting trailer experts from Royal Truck & Trailer. Our professionals understand the specs of each trailer series and can guide you on the best option for your needs.

Equip your truck with the best trailer by calling (313) 524-2531 and working with Pitts Lowboy trailer experts from Royal Truck & Trailer.

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